Coulter warns GOP will suffer ‘devastating’ consequences if immigration reform passes

Jeff Poor | Media Reporter

On Fox News Channel’s Saturday broadcast of “America’s News HQ,” Ann Coulter attacked the immigration legislation and questioned why Republicans, including junior Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, would support such legislation after suggesting otherwise during an election.

“[D]emocrats will get 30 million new voters, 80 percent of which, according to all polls, will be voting for the Democrats,” Coulter said. “Why any Republican would support this — and by the way, it is kind of striking that Republicans including Marco Rubio don’t support such amnesties when they are running for office. Oh, no, somehow it is once they get to Washington, they discover all of the unknown bounties for Republicans and amnesty. But Rubio specifically said a pathway to citizenship is amnesty when he ran against Charlie Crist a couple of years ago.”

Anchor Uma Pemmaraju asked Coulter, the author of “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama,” why Democrats were expressing a sense of urgency in getting the bill through the Senate before the Fourth of July break.

“This is the way the Democrats always hoodwink, always snooker the Republicans as they tried to do with gun control,” she said. “‘Oh come on, you have to be with gun control after Newtown. We are trying to help you out, Republicans. Why don’t we schedule the vote for Sunday?’ And the better path has been let’s think about this. Let’s see what is in the thousand-page bill. I mean this is another Obamacare-type bill where people don’t know what is in it. A real immigration bill could be one-page long — enforce E-verify and build a fence. This idea that the fence is some impossible thing — ‘What do you mean, a fence? We don’t understand and it will not work.’ You know, fences have worked all over the world going back hundreds of years.”

Coulter also explained the electoral benefits for the Democratic Party should their efforts prove successful, but that it would also hurt low-wage workers that Democrats seem to be neglecting in their consideration of immigration reform.

“The Democrats don’t care about making lawbreakers — first immediately getting them legalized and then a few years later giving them citizenship because it helps them electorally,” Coulter said. “And don’t be mistaken. The Democrats do not care about the people. It is generally — they certainly don’t care about low-wage workers. And that’s who Republicans should care about. We care about Americans, and low-wage workers are going to be devastated by bringing in another 30 million very low-wage workers. It’s just the laws of supply and demand. People will be poorer, especially those without a high school education, a college education. They are already suffering under Obama with massive unemployment. The last thing we need is another 30 million low-wage workers.”

“And by the way, the reason I say 30 million is, the estimates now — and I’ll assume they are correct — say we have 11 million immigrations here,” she continued. “Well, but we have chain migration under [Sen.] Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 immigration act. So that 11 million can instantly start bringing in their distant relatives, their brothers-in-law, their second cousins — which is what happened with [former President Ronald] Reagan’s 1986 amnesty bill, which is why you get the 1986 amnesty bill. In 1988, the Republican share of the Hispanic vote plummeted from 37 percent to 30 percent. A few years later, the last Republican was elected statewide in California. This is devastating for the Republican Party, which Republicans should care about. It is also devastating for the country, which the entire country should care about, especially those who care about the people who are in the bottom rungs of society.”

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