10 cats that were probably tapped by the NSA [SLIDESHOW]

Do you have a bone to pick with the National Security Agency? Like Edward Snowden, so do these cats — and they’re not afraid to bring out the claws.

The NSA probably targeted these feisty felines for suspicious napping, hissing and possibly late-night bird stalking, but now they’re swatting back.

Click through to see the 10 cats the NSA was keeping an eye on.

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  • This cat’s clearly a threat to national security (photo: mtpearce01/ Flickr).
  • This cat is quite displeased with the NSA (photo: cbowns/ Flickr).
  • The NSA probably tapped this feline too. She’s not thrilled (photo: iDream_in_Infrared/ Flickr).
  • This kitty didn't qualify for special immunity to surveillance (photo: hym/ Flickr).
  • This cat just wants to dig her teeth into the NSA, but she’ll settle for a phone (photo: indi.ca/ Flickr).
  • This kitty doesn’t know for sure if his cellphone is secure (photo: Qonfused/ Flickr).
  • This cat still doesn’t know why he was tapped, but suspects it was because of his political affiliation (photo: MoHDI/ Flickr).
  • This cat got tapped and now he’s cutting off all ties with everyone (photo: Hairlover/ Flickr).
  • This cat got tapped and now he doesn’t trust his phone anymore (photo: Americatidol/ Flickr).

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