8 tips for parking your helicopter in New York City [SLIDESHOW]

Owning a private helicopter can be hard. Sometimes you may be mistaken for someone important (which you are) and tourists may try to take your picture as you rush into your limo.

People complain that your chopper disturbs their sleep and community coalitions petition to have your favorite helipads removed. You may find it difficult to secure overnight parking in downtown areas, or maybe you simply run out of ways to utilize your helicopter.

Although air traffic security and overall space is extremely tight in New York City, you can still maximize your helicopter owning experience with these eight tips.

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  • John F. Kennedy International Airport Heliport. Waiting in traffic in a private limo can be exhausting that’s why you should probably have your helicopter pick you up from your private jet. For those of you who splurged on the jet and didn’t bother getting the helicopter, New York Helicopter offers helicopter shuttles from the airport to your Big Apple destination for only $875 per person (photo: http://vintage.johnnyjet.com).
  • Paulus Hook Pier Heliport (05NJ). 
Or you could just order Domino’s to your helicopter and watch the boats go by (photo: Christoslilu/ Flickr).
  • And if you’re not really feeling like flying, but still want to show off your chopper, bring it to the Liberty National Golf Course, in Jersey City, New Jersey. Membership to the exclusive, $250 million golf course only costs $500,000 plus annual dues so think of it like a really expensive parking space (photo: businessinsider.com).
  • Or, if driving’s too plebeian for you, pop a bottle of bubbly over the Hudson and hover up there until parking opens up on the helipads (photo: Andy Monfriend/ Flickr).
  • Newport Helistop Heliport (91NJ). If helicopter parking gets too crowded in New York City, drop your chopper off in New Jersey and have your limo pick you up there (photo: nyer82/ Flickr).
  • East 34th Street Heliport (6N5). 
When flying into 6N5, ask your pilot to avoid hovering near buildings to dodge the wrath of other wealthy city goers who blame the vibrations from 19-seat helicopters for damaging the structural integrity of their million dollars apartments. And if you’re not feeling like socializing with other celebrity flyers, just hop in your limo parked 20 feet away (photo: http://www.audemarspiguet.com).
  • Downtown Manhattan Heliport (JRB). 
This is the perfect heliport for those looking for a casual evening or a weekend getaway in the Big Apple. Its central location makes it easy to pop into the luxurious Ritz-Carlton Suite for only $7,500 per night or take a private limo ride through the pedestrian-clogged Manhattan streets. But don’t leave your chopper unattended for too long. The parking fees are simply outrageous (photo: runneralan2004/ Flickr)
  • West 30th Street Heliport (JRA). These days it’s getting more and more difficult to find an exclusive helipad. For those of you looking to fly into the hip Chelsea district with minimal personal contact, this is the right heliport for you. Plus, experience the security of knowing you can takeoff and land 24/7 (photo: Steve J2/ Flickr).

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