Jamie Foxx is only one of many Hollywood presidents this year [SLIDESHOW]

Hollywood seems to have an obsession with blowing up Washington, D.C. these days.

If you missed “Olympus Has Fallen” — a movie about a terrorist attack in the White House — earlier this year, you can catch “White House Down” this Friday, which is about a movie about a terrorist attack on the White House.

If that isn’t your cup of tea but you still have a desire to see actors impersonate presidents — historical or fictional — there is a ridiculous number of TV and movie presidents for you to choose from.

From Robin Williams to Jamie Foxx, here is your guide to all of the actors who will be the leader of the free world in 2013.*

(*Okay, so not all of them. There are a few made-for-TV movie presidents that nobody has ever heard of missing from this list.)

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  • The next to play a president is Rob Lowe as JFK in the TV movie "Killing Kennedy," which could be right or really, really wrong. (Photo: National Geographic Channel)
  • So Julia Louis-Dreyfus technically plays the Vice President Selina Meyer in "Veep," but she is one of the best (or the worst) characters on TV and since the president never appears onscreen, we're fudging this one a bit. (Photo: HBO)
  • And Robin Williams plays Eisenhower. Ugh. (Photo: TWC)
  • It's great to see that John Cusack is still getting acting jobs, even if it is as a heavily made-up Richard Nixon in this year's "The Butler," one of the many presidents in the movie. (Photo: The Weinstein Company)
  • James Marsden plays JFK in "The Butler," which is probably best casting decision these people made. Did we mention that Oprah also stars in this movie? (Photo: TWC)
  • The casting directors must have just opened up the Hollywood yellow pages and started pointing at names because they cast Liev Schrieber as LBJ. (Photo: TWC)
  • Jamie Foxx is our latest movie president in "White House Down." Assume that he will have a lot of witty one-liners like, "I'm going to veto this terrorist situation right now." Or something.
  • In "Olympus Has Fallen," which is the exact same movie as "White House Down" only it has different actors and was released a few months earlier, Aaron Eckhart was President Benjamin Asher. (Photo: FilmDistrict)
  • Bill Paxton, also known as the actor you always get confused for one of the Baldwin brothers, played President Dale Gilchrist in NBC's "1600 Penn." It was so bad that it was canceled after just one season. (Photo: NBC)
  • Tony Goldwyn plays the philandering, daydreaming and all-around bad President Fitzgerald Grant in ABC's "Scandal," although you probably know him best as the bad guy from "Ghost." (Photo: ABC)

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