Immigration bill gets 68 votes, now goes to Boehner’s desk

Manchin then offered a pitch, similar to poll-tested script developed by business groups that support the bill.

“I think when you explain to people that these people are going to be 13 year pathway [to citizenship], they’ll be paying their taxes, they’re paying their fines, they’ll be paying into the system, learning English, being part of society,” Manchin said.

Pennsylvania Sen. Robert Casey voted against the immigration bill in 2007, but supported the more ambitious bill on Thursday. “I think people have a better sense of the economic impact on the positive side, and on the negative side, how broken the system is,” he told TheDC.

Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin led the Democratic attack against the 2007 bill. However, “I am going to vote for final passage, simply because we’ve got do something, and I think most of this is pretty good stuff,” he told TheDC June 26.

Despite the concerns over unemployment, the bill has “more good than bad,” he said.