‘Erotic grammy’ romance author GOP candidate in Colorado

One of the Republican candidates vying to replace embattled Colorado Senate President John Morse is an erotict romance author who says on a video posted on her Amazon authtor’s website that she got into the craft because she “likes happy endings.”

Jaxine Bubis — who wrote such titles as “Beantown Heat” and “A Hard Place to Find” under the pen name “Jaxine Daniels” — was outed by Colorado Springs gun store owner Paul Paradis, who helped lead the recall effort against Morse.

In an interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation, Paradis said he’s not a prude — “different strokes for different folks,” he said — but that he spread the word about Bubis’ writing because he was dismayed at the number of “far-right, Christian-right [members] of the Republican Party” who jumped to endorse her without knowing her background.

Among them are Rocky Mountain Gun Owners and several conservative state lawmakers.

“When you pick somebody to run for office, you should know something about them,” Paradis said. “But personally, I don’t think she’s the right candidate based on her writings.”

He added that he considered Bubis’ books to be “softcore pornography.”

Paradis first heard about her writing, he said, from people who said she was known in some circles as the “erotic grammy.”

“This is not going to be a good candidate for a race that’s going to be watched nationally and internationally,” he said, adding that he knows Bubis campaigned hard to see Morse recalled, “but I don’t know that that’s enough to run for office.”

On her “about me” video, Bubis says she’s an emergency medical technician who has done search-and-rescue, and that she’s an avid fan of ice hockey, both of which are subjects that provide backdrops to some of her romance novels. Her profile on t, a website for authors and readers, shows that she has published nine books, most of which appear to be out of print and unavailable.

“This summer, the Puritan City is anything but,” reads a summary of “Beantown Heat” on a romance novel review site. “‘Beantown Heat,’ an anthology of sensual romance, is made up of three different, themed romances that sizzle. Three Boston College staff members will have a summer they won’t soon forget.”