TheDC Interview: Thriller author Brad Thor

You are an outspoken conservative. Were you always a conservative? If not, how did you come to conservatism?

I was an absolute idiot as a kid. I actually thought that the more liberal the Supreme Court, the more just and “open-minded” the rulings would be – same thing with politicians. You know what changed my mind? Paying taxes and starting my own small business.

I started looking into where my taxes were going and wondering why, in the country where the business of America was business, it was such a pain in the ass for a startup.

My company’s first, big break was with public television where I launched a travel series, “Traveling Lite,” for which I was the writer, producer and host. I worked with some great people, but every time I turned around, someone had their hand in my hard-working pocket and it ticked me off. They were unfairly demanding the fruits of my labor.

My relationship ended with me taking my Public Television partners to court, me representing myself and what was right, and winning. After that, I not only didn’t do any more with Public Television, but I was a solid conservative who refused to align himself with anyone who wasn’t willing to equally contribute and pull their own weight.

What three books most influenced your worldview?

Great Expectations” (“portable property” I always cash checks the day I receive them), “1984,” and “The Road to Serfdom.”