This year’s hottest teachers who allegedly got busy with their students [SLIDESHOW]

The dog days of summer are upon us, which means that stories about the national epidemic of teacher-student sex stories have slowed to a trickle (though, thanks to Laura Whitehurst, they certainly haven’t petered out completely).

While The Daily Caller can offer far fewer stories about teacher-student hanky-panky, there’s no time like the present to commemorate the academic year that was.

Without further ado, here are the most attractive teachers who allegedly got busy with their students — or at least faced criminal proceedings for their endeavors — in 2012-13.

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  • In April, 10th-grade English teacher <strong>Nikki Scherwitz</strong> allegedly turned up at a Brazosport High School (Texas) after-prom party and then left with a 16-year-old student. After an investigation, she confessed to maintaining a weeks-long sexual relationship with the student. Like so many of these trysts, this one started with text messaging. The 25-year-old teacher quit her job and faced a handful of charges including child sexual assault. (Photo: KTRK)
  • <strong>Alicia Gray</strong>, 28, allegedly had a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old male student at MGM High School in Mobile Alabama. The married math teacher turned herself in after a warrant was issued for her arrest in February. (Photo: Myspace)
  • <strong>Donna Newton-McNally</strong>, 41, is one of two married high school teachers at Sachem High School North on Long Island accused of sexual dalliances with male students. The students allegedly involved were popular senior athletes. Apparently, one student's girlfriend found damning texts and alerted the principal. Also, an angry husband allegedly confronted one of the students. (Photo: Sachem Schools)
  • <strong>Cassandra Elfers</strong>, 21, a part-time volleyball coach and assistant boys basketball coach at Sharp Middle School in Kentucky, allegedly engaged in an unspecified inappropriate relationship with a 13-year-old boy in January. Her boyfriend was the head boys basketball coach at the school. As of March, Elfers had pled not guilty to several counts. (Photo: WLWT)
  • New Rochelle High School librarian <strong>Marisa Anton</strong>, 33, was busted in a sting operation set up by police and a 16-year-old student who felt harried by her extreme sexual advances. Documents show that Anton was thoroughly obsessed with the student. Among the scintillating details: she sent him breast photos and once showed up at his house, pushed him on to his bed and tried to pull down his pants as she asked, "Is this what you want?" (Photo: Facebook)
  • This year, police found former Houston-area teacher <strong>Kathryn Murray</strong>, 29, with the middle school student she is alleged to have sexually assaulted last year. Last year's encounters occurred in her classroom, in his home and at a hotel. This week, police discovered the star-crossed lovers together in Murray's father’s home. The boy, now 16, tried to flee discreetly out the back door. Murray faced charges of harboring the youth as a runaway. (Photo: WFAA)
  • Shelbyville, Indiana high school cheerleading coach <strong>Megan Crafton</strong> cut a plea deal after admitting that she performed oral sex on a 17-year-old male student in her car in a grocery store parking lot. Coach Crafton, 22, ran into trouble after the student, a member of the Shelbyville High School basketball team, confessed the tryst to police. She is serving 12 months of probation and agreed to complete 25 hours of community service. (Photo: Shelby County Jail)
  • On June 18, Citrus Valley High School English teacher <strong>Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst</strong> gave birth to a baby allegedly fathered by an unidentified teenage student with whom she had a yearlong love affair. The 28-year-old Redlands, Calif. teacher was allegedly a prolific lover of teenage boys. She has now been charged with a total of 41 felony counts involving three of them. Her bail now stands at $750,000. (Photo: Myspace)
  • <strong>Heather Michelle Cooksey</strong>, who taught English at Tioga High School in central Louisiana, was slapped with a grand total of 13 sex-related charges as a result of her alleged sexual relationship with a student. The age of the student is unclear. The 27-year-old resigned shortly after the story broke locally. (Photo: WWL-TV)
  • <strong>Kinsley Wentzky</strong>, an honors English teacher at Dreher High School in S.C., was charged with sexual battery for dalliances with students in her home. One of the students was a 17-year-old male. On her class webpage, the 34-year-old described herself as happily married, and as the mother of two children. (Photo: WIS-TV)