Irate Ivy League professor calls God ‘a white racist god’ after Zimmerman verdict

As Campus Reform notes, Butler doubled down on her comments with a tweet on Monday saying, “y’all take care of the KKKlan Twitter egg avi’s till I return. I see my sheet they don’t like me calling out their racist god #toobad.”

She’s been tweeting incessantly since, mostly about elections in 2014 and how she blocks people from her Twitter feed.

At Rate My Professors, Butler does not fare well. The sample size is small, but the reviews are abysmal.

“Pathetic,” reports one unhappy student. “This teacher is pathetically bad at her supposed job. Do not give this untalented instructor any more classes.”

Another student describes her as a “loudmouth idiot with crazy Don King hair” and “poorly substantiated and academically unsound” opinions.

Butler holds graduate degrees from Vanderbilt University and Fuller Theological Seminary. Her bachelor of arts in marketing is from the University of Houston–Clear Lake.

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