Carney’s most successful press conference evah!

White House spokesman Jay Carney held a wildly successful press conference Monday. There were no questions about the president’s expanding scandals, sliding poll numbers, lousy employment numbers or even the much-touted immigration bill’s impact on American college graduates and blue-collar workers.

Instead, reporters followed the story released by the White House’s public relations team, which said the president would give three economic speeches this week.

Some members of the White House press corps asked a few questions about the latest failed effort to get Arabs to agree to Israel’s existence, all of which Carney instantly muffled with familiar clichés.

The only disturbance to the placid presser was caused by April Ryan, the White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks, who butted in with two unwanted questions on President Barack Obama’s emotional Friday comments about racism against African-Americans.

Carney waved away Ryan’s softball question about whether Obama had met “those expectations [for a public debate over the verdict], or did he exceed those expectations, because of all that’s been going on in these last couple of days since Friday?”

He then shut down Ryan’s follow-up about whether Obama would work with black politicians to promote legislation that would curb “profiling.”

A Washington Post poll released today showed that Americans split evenly over the Florida jury’s verdict, while Obama’s base of Democrats voters were lopsidedly opposed to the verdict, with 62 percent disapproval to 22 percent approval.

Today, Carney also downplayed the soon-to-be-former controversy that once gripped the nation’s airwaves for a few days.