Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife wanted by Colorado police

Being married to Dog the Bounty Hunter, Beth Chapman must know all about arrest warrants. But she might not be used to seeing one with her name on it.

Chapman, whose TV-personality husband Duane “Dog” Chapman is famous for tracking down those eluding the long arm of the law, is wanted by police in Monument, Colo. for allegedly verbally harassing a teenage girl, a misdemeanor.

“Normally, we would issue a summons in a situation like that and the person would receive a ticket, kind of like they were receiving a ticket for speeding,” Monument police spokesman Lt. Steve Burk told the Colorado Springs Gazette.

But police couldn’t reach Chapman to issue the citation and had no other choice than to put out a warrant for her arrest.

“The easiest way for someone to handle a situation like this is to turn themselves in to the local police department or sheriff’s department,” he said. “The only other option is if at some point down the road she’s contacted by a police officer for whatever reason and they run her information through the system, they’ll come up with the warrant, and she’d be arrested on the spot.”

The warrant stems from an alleged altercation Chapman had with some teens at a lake near where she and Dog own a home in Castle Rock. According to a witness quoted in the Gazette, Chapman approached the girl, who was in the passenger seat of her boyfriend’s car, and began loudly insulting her.

“Beth just started screaming all these rude remarks, calling [the alleged victim] trashy, that she’s trash of the town, that she needs to pull her panties out of her ass,” 16-year-old Chandler Duke told the paper, adding that he didn’t know what prompted the outburst.

Beth Chapman is quoted in RadarOnline, however, saying that the teens nearly ran her over and that both the alleged victim and the driver were holding open beer cans. Another fan approached her seeking an autograph, but she told the online gossip site that he had his hand on a holstered handgun, which made her nervous.

“After the girl left the scene, two men — apparently her friends — approached us asking for pictures and autographs, all while their hands were resting atop some type of firearms,” she’s quoted as saying. “I told them they needed to leave the location my children, my car and I were occupying, and I inquired whether they had a concealed carry license for the firearms.”

She claims to have called police herself, but left before the officers spoke to the girl who filed the complaint.

“It’s outrageous that police resources would be wasted on such a ridiculous incident,” she says in the RadarOnline article.

Burk said Chapman’s representatives have contacted him and said that she’s eager to resolve the situation. He also told the Gazette that the whole thing wasn’t that big of a deal.

“Nobody would be even remotely interested in this if it wasn’t a celebrity,” he said.

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