Putin is not the gay bogeyman

The Russians I have spoken to — from inside and outside of the government — therefore see much of this in the old-fashioned way, as an “American provocation.”

America has a bad reputation around the world, particularly among traditional peoples, for many reasons, not the least is the immorality we push through our popular culture and now through our official activities. When many foreigners meet Americans they expect pimps, prostitutes, and pornographers.

While we should and do deplore laws that allow violence against homosexuals, the bottom line for Russia and elsewhere is that there is no human right to teach school children about sexual practices, neither is there a human right to parade your sexual preferences and practices down public streets. All else is legal.

With all the problems in our country and the world, do we really have a national interest in intervening in this Russian matter?

Austin Ruse is president of C-FAM, a New York and Washington DC-based research institute focusing exclusively on international law and policy. He writes regularly at CrisisMagazine.or and TheCatholicThing.org