6 people whose parents actually named them Gaylord [SLIDESHOW]

For whatever reason — be it family tradition, resentment or pure, unadulterated hatred — some parents throughout history thought it would be a great idea to pass the name Gaylord down onto their sons.

From a comic strip writer to a professional football player and a U.S. senator, here are 10 (relatively) famous men whose parents actually named them Gaylord.

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  • Gaylord Kent Conrad here was a U.S. senator from North Dakota until he retired this past January. He may be the only person on this list whose name goes with his face. (Photo: Wikimedia)
  • Gaylord DuBois sounds like a fictional name, but he was a prolific comic strip and comic book writer from the 1940's until the 1970's. (Photo: Wikimedia)
  • MLB hall of famer Gaylord Perry doesn't quite have the name to go with his badass persona. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
  • Perhaps the writers of the "Meet the Parents" thought that Gaylord Silly was a little too on the nose. But it actually is the name of this French-Seychellois long distance runner. (Photo: Gaylord Silly/ Twitter)
  • Gaylord Stinchcomb was a college and professional football player throughout the 1920's, but you may know him by "Pete" Stinchcomb, since that's what he went by. Apparently he thought that his middle name, Roscoe, was just as bad as Gaylord. (Photo: Wikimedia)
  • The writers of "Meet the Parents" knew the comedic potential of the name Gaylord and so gave the perfect, ridiculous name to their disastrous protagonist, Gaylord Focker.

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