‘Hope unsecured’ – What drives a Democrat to become a Republican? [VIDEO]

Grae Stafford | Freelance Photographer

Elbert Guillory is fast becoming a conservative rock star, beloved by the grassroots. The 69-year-old member of the Louisiana state legislature and former Democrat — whose “Why I am a Republican” video went viral — sat down with The Daily Caller to talk more about why he switched parties, what he thinks of the modern Democratic Party, and what he thinks of President Barack Obama.

“I voted for Obama the first time. I did not the second,”  Guillory told TheDC. “He started so well. He had such promise. He could have been a president. Very quickly, he took a turn and decided to just be a politician. Instead he became more concerned about his own re-election and the re-election of his party, and so he very quickly abandoned the path that he started to walk on. His legacy? Hope unsecured.”

Catch the full interview with Guillory tomorrow at TheDC.

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