Levin attacks Obama, Boehner and Christie for stance on White House scandals

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On Neil Cavuto’s “Your World” program on the Fox News Channel Tuesday, syndicated radio talker Mark Levin took on President Barack Obama, the Republican leadership in the U.S. House and New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie for the handling of the various scandals surrounding the White House.

In a nearly 10-minute interview, Levin took on the terrorist attack in Benghazi, the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative groups, and the National Security Agency’s domestic spying program.

“I will tell you this — this president could give a damn about a serious investigation about scandals that are swirling around his administration,” Levin said. “And then his lackeys go on TV, including ‘Fox News Sunday’ and tell us there’s no evidence. Their people plead the fifth. Their attorney general doesn’t conduct investigations. And what’s necessary is for the Republicans in the House to get their act together. We don’t need five committees investigating Benghazi. We need one special investigative committee with former assistant U.S. attorneys, other types of prosecutors, who are serious people, who have the resources necessary, full-time, to pursue these matters and put the information on the table. Same with the Internal Revenue [Service] investigation.”

“We got committee tripping over each other, claiming jurisdiction,” Levin continued. “Once again we need experts. We need to pursue these things with a special investigative committee, and then the pressure builds for a special prosecutor. Even though Holder won’t want to appoint one, over time enough information comes out where it’s going to become necessary. The president of the United States, it’s been almost a year, will not tell the American people what he was doing for eight and a half hours after our consulate was attacked in Benghazi.”

Levin, author of the forthcoming book “The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic,” took aim at Obama for his new categorization of those scandals, which he and others in his administration have referred to them as “phony” and/or “fake.”

“The president uses this word phony,” Levin said. “It’s actually a perfect word for him because his speeches are phony, his promises are economy, his economy is phony, and the whole damn thing is phony. Let me tell you something Neil, from my point of view once more, the speaker of the house — he is in charge of organizing these investigations in the House and he won’t. They’re flopping around, they’re navel-gazing … because they don’t think there is anything political in this. They’re playing rope-a-dope. They’re playing it safe. They want to push through the next election. He wants to be speaker. [Eric] Cantor wants to be majority leader.”

As for Christie, he questioned a prior statement from the New Jersey governor accusing opponents of the NSA’s domestic surveillance program of being insensitive to victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

“I would like to say this to Gov. Christie — he’s not the only one who’s served in law enforcement,” he said. “I was chief of staff to an attorney general of the United States. Maybe Mr. Christie can get in front of the families and tell how this NSA program would have saved a single life or prevented terrorist from entering this country. You know how these terrorists got into this country, Neil? The border wasn’t secure and they overstayed their visa. What is Chris Christie’s position on that? I think he’s weak on amnesty. So I really think it’s a mistake for him to use 9/11 to attack who he believes will be his political opponents in the Republican primary.”

Later in the segment, Cavuto pressed Levin more on his view of Christie, to which Levin said he might not support the New Jersey governor should he become the 2016 presidential nominee.

CAVUTO: Do you think this is going to be a real interfamily — more than a squabble but maybe a big old fight for Republicans on what is proper privacy protection verse life protection?
LEVIN: Yes, because we conservatives have been fighting against the Republican establishment for half a century. Whether they take the form of Chris Christie and Romney or the form of Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon, and this country needs to move in a new direction, economically, constitutionally when it comes to our Bill of Rights and so forth. I take a back-step to nobody in securing the border, securing the country, building up the military.
CAVUTO: Wait, wait — if Chris Christie were the Republican nominee in 2016, would Mark Levin support him?
LEVIN: I doubt it.
CAVUTO: Really?
LEVIN: I doubt it.
CAVUTO: Even if Hillary Clinton were the Democratic nominee, would you sit the election out?
LEVIN: I don’t know. We’ll see. I’m sick and — Neil look, this is the problem. Guys like me have been voting Republican our entire lives and we’re taken advantage of and the base is under attack now. One of your colleagues there, Karl Rove, set up a PAC to attack the tea party in primaries and so forth. I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough. I’m not going to be a sucker anymore.

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