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MSNBC’s resident genius Chris Hayes: Why are we putting more people in jail when the crime rate keeps dropping?

“Why isn’t my head wet, even though there’s a roof over it?”
“Why isn’t my car stopping, even though I have my foot on the gas pedal?”
“Why do people keep laughing at me, even though I’m really smart?”

Presumably, these are just a few of the questions that bedevil Chris Hayes every day. His life must be a series of unfathomable conundrums, if the following clip is any indication:

“What I find most frustrating is that what we have seen is incarceration go up at the same that crime is going down. And yet the fear level is still stoked, even though what we have is, objectively, less [sic] murders every year, we have less crime, we are living in a safer society, and we are putting more people in prison.”

More people in prison. Less crime. Is there a connection? Not according to Chris Hayes. Just the opposite, in fact. There’s less crime in spite of a growing prison population. This view is due, no doubt, to Mr. Hayes’ copious real-world experience.

Courtesy of Townhall.com’s Greg Hengler, who presumably added that last bit as an editorial comment. But I don’t think Chris Hayes needs to smoke pot to think that way. He’s just a really dumb guy.

Great news, though: Lately he’s been edging out Anderson Cooper for a distant, distant second place against FNC. Yay!