This week’s most salacious teacher-student sex stories

The dog days of August are unlikely to bring any relief from the national epidemic of teacher-student sex stories. Any given week is sure to end with several stories (even in the summer), but some are far more intriguing than others.

This week, the sexual proclivities and travails of two teachers are worthy of your precious, valuable time.

Malik Taylor, 31, was a dean and a “community adviser” at the Business of Sports School—a public high school (that actually exists) in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan. He stands accused of having sex with four students and harassing at least four more.

He cleverly left a trail of evidence by calling and sending texts using his wife’s cellphone, reports the Daily Mail.

Taylor quit his job in late May after one of the students he had sex with reported his shenanigans, which prompted an extensive investigation.

Taylor allegedly convinced that student to have sex with him by making fun of her and remarking about the size and shape of her buttocks. He said, for example, that her “ass is ridiculous.” One day in the cafeteria, he grabbed her buttocks.

“I just had to,” he told her.

Somehow, this wooing eventually caused the student to meet him outside of school—for gyros followed by a trip to a motel. They had unprotected sex on a total of two occasions.

That unnamed student and two others with whom Taylor allegedly had sex were at least 17 years old (the age of consent in New York). Another student was only 16. Taylor admitted to having sex with her in empty classrooms on two occasions, notes the Mail.

The 16-year-old student later ran away from home, apparently as the result of something having to do with Taylor.

The four students the ex-dean tried but failed to entice into sex have their own stories. According to one, he moved toward her on an elevator and said he recognized her because of her buttocks. She said the comment made her feel “scared.”

Another student says she denied a particularly vulgar sexual invite from Taylor. He allegedly responded by seeking permission to “at least suck on her boobs.”

Meanwhile, in the endless suburban sprawl of Southern California, the former high school teacher in Redlands who had a baby with one student and had sex with two others pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a year in prison.