Today in ‘Cute Animals Murdered By the Government’: Meet Giggles the baby deer

Wisconsin authorities raided an animal shelter for the sole purpose of finding and murdering a wild baby deer named Giggles. They were successful.

After her mother abandoned her, Giggles was picked up by a kind family and brought to the Society of St. Francis animal shelter in Kenosha, Wisc. The deer was awaiting transfer to a wildlife preserve when heavily armed officials from the state Department of Natural Resources showed up at the shelter, warrant in hand.

“It was like a SWAT team,” said Ray Schulze, a shelter employee, in a statement.

Giggles left the shelter — in a body bag. State law requires the euthanization of wild animals, according to a spokesperson for DNR.

“That’s one hell of a policy,” said Schulze.

A local radio station interviewed Jennifer Niemeyer, a spokesperson for DNR, and asked whether it would have been more prudent to call the shelter first. Niemeyer replied that the government does not inform people when it intends to raid them for drugs. Baby deers are no different, she said.

“If a sheriff’s department is going to do a search warrant on a drug bust, they don’t call them and ask them to voluntarily surrender their marijuana or whatever drug they have before they show up,” she said in a statement.

The shelter intends to sue DNR over the incident — perhaps giving Giggles the last laugh.

“They went over the top for a little, tiny, baby deer,” said Cindy Shultz, president of the shelter, in a statement.

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