Democrat accused of ‘destroying’ Mitch McConnell campaign signs

Mitch McConnell’s re-election campaign says a group of Democrats destroyed their campaign signs on display at a weekend political event early on Saturday morning.

McConnell campaign manager Jesse Benton described the alleged vandalism in an email, referring to it on Saturday as a “troubling development.’

“Shortly after 1:00 am last night, Republicans saw a group of people destroying McConnell campaign signs at the Fancy Farm picnic venue,” Benton said. “The Graves County Sheriff was called to the scene, and 25-year-old Mitchell Rowe was detained and charged with vandalism and criminal mischief. His accomplices fled.”

Benton added: “Mr. Rowe comes from a strong local Democrat family with ties to many prominent local Democrats.”

The Fancy Farm, Ky. barbecue picnic — which is set to occur Saturday — is referred to by organizers as “Kentucky’s inaugural event for the statewide fall political season.” Politicos travel from all over the state for the event, which is known for getting particularly rowdy when the politicians speak.

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