Sydney Leathers spends a few of her 15 minutes with Vivid Video

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I don’t think Ms. Leathers has announced yet whether she’s going to do a porn movie for Vivid Video, but she did let them see what Anthony Weiner saw. Now you can check out for yourself what all the fuss is about. If you really think that’s a good idea.

NY Post (of course):

Here’s a full-blown look at Sydney Leathers, the Bible Belt sext kitten “poked” by mayoral horndog Anthony Weiner.

Leathers got down and dirty for Vivid Entertainment, showing online porn fans what Weiner had in mind as he blew his bid for political redemption.

“Initially Anthony Weiner had poked me on Facebook, and that’s how our conversation started from there,” Leathers told cameras in a preview video, where she poses in a sexy black teddy.


You can view the 30-second NSFW video at, which stretches the meaning of the word “celeb” to the breaking point.

By the way, isn’t the Daily Bugle where Peter Parker works? Couldn’t J. Jonah Jameson come up with a better headline than “Weinergate”? Guess he’s too obsessed with Spider-Man to worry about any other skinny little creeps shooting fluid all over the place.

In other Weiner news, I missed it, but last week he tweeted something for the first time since his mayoral campaign became even more humiliating:

It just goes back to his dumb campaign site and his silly “Quit isn’t the way we roll in New York City” video. Still, it’s good to see him back on Twitter, where it all began.

And finally, a bit more Weiner fun from the Post:

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