6 celebrities with useless children [SLIDESHOW]

Summer 2013 has been the season of the high-profile celebrity baby. Kim and Kanye’s North West was all over the country’s radar.  And of course there was that one British couple that just had a kid, which a lot of people seemed to care about.

While the hype surrounding celebrity babies is often fast and furious, the kids (generally) fade into obscurity just as quickly.

Here are six celebrities with useless kids.  

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  • Sean Penn. Penn's two kids Dylan and Hopper have kept mostly under the radar. Emphasis on mostly. Earlier this year, Hopper faced scrutiny after a nasty run-in with a paparazzi.  Other than that, the Penn kids haven't been doing much of anything (Photo from milliontalks.com).
  • Michael Douglas. In and out of jail over the past several years for drug possession and distribution, Cameron Douglas has certainly not been living up to the family name.
  • Cher. Chastity "Chaz" Bono became famous for deciding that she wanted to be a he. Cher's other son Elijah is the singer for the rock band Deadsy. Not too much really going on with that family (Photo from news.softpedia.com).
  • Nicolas Cage. Sometimes it's hard following in the footsteps of one of America's most cherished actors. Nicolas' eldest son Weston is the lead singer of the black metal band Eyes of Noctum. Yea, it's about as good as it sounds (Photo from truemetalhead.com).
  • Laurence Fishburne. A career in the porn industry probably isn't what Laurence had in mind for the start of his daughter's acting career. 21-year-old Montana Fishburne, who also goes by her stage name Chippy D, has starred in at least two full length adult films. She was also arrested in 2009 for prostitution and battery and false imprisonment in 2010. Langston Fishburne, Montana's older brother, went the more traditional route but has yet to make a name for himself in Hollywood (Photo from eurweb.com).
  • Michael Jordan. Being the sons of the greatest player in the history of basketball certainly comes with added pressure. Jeffrey Jordan was a high school standout but couldn't quite make a name for himself on the college level. Marcus Jordan, like brother Jeff, decided to call it quits after college. He has since found himself in legal trouble after he was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and obstructing justice in 2012. The washed up baller was also accused of pulling an Anthony Weiner last week and tweeting a penis pic to his 50,000 Twitter followers. He, of course, claims he was hacked (Photo from blackcelebkids.com).

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