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Married men want to cheat with these celebs the most [SLIDESHOW]

The male psyche is a strange thing. The married male’s psyche, on the other hand, is even stranger.

According to a poll by the super-reputable (the dating site that helps married dudes cheat on their wives), these are the five women married men would like to cheat on their wives with the most.

(Re: #1. REALLY?!)

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  • 5. Beyonce. Understandable. (Photo: AP)
  • 4. Sofia Vergara. We're with you here, married men of (Photo: GQ)
  • 3. Jennifer Lawrence. In your dreams. (Photo: Getty)
  • 2. Mila Kunis. Again, dream on. (Photo: Esquire)
  • 1. 20-year-old rebel child, Miley Cyrus. Seriously? (Photo: AP)

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