7 women who probably knew about A-Rod’s steroid problem [SLIDESHOW]

Alex Rodriguez finally got what he had coming to him — kind of — when he was suspended from baseball for the rest of the season and through 2014. Although A-Rod totally did it and deserves to be suspended for life, he won’t settle for his minor sentence and is going to appeal the ruling.

It goes without saying that Rodriguez’s ego is the size of (if not bigger than) the giant centaur painting above his bed.

If the MLB needs some more evidence to back up their punishment for A-Rod, all they need to do is take a look through this long list of A-Rod’s female conquests to find out exactly what they knew.

From a stripper to an Oscar winner to a WWE wrestler, here are A-Rod’s women who probably knew he was juicing the whole time.

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  • Torrie Wilson, former WWE Diva and A-Rod's current main squeeze, definitely, DEFINITELY knows about his PED problem. Come on, look at her.
  • Cameron Diaz probably kept her own stash safely next to her boyfriend's.
  • Why Kate Hudson dated Alex Rodriguez is one of life's great mysteries. Whether or not she knew about the steroids is another.
  • If New York City madam Kristin Davis knew about A-Rod's client list, it's possible she knows about his other illegal activities as well. (Photo: AP)
  • Boston stripper Candice Houlihan claims she had sex with Rodriquez a few times during the 2004 World Series. She could have been the reason the Yankees lost that year, or it could have been that A-Rod didn't get as good a product up Yawkee Way.
  • The steroids weren't the only thing A-Rod was hiding from his wife. It was rumored that he hooked up with Playboy Playmate/ stripper Joslyn Morse when he was married.

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