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Why are we getting old stories about Monica Lewinsky all of a sudden?

That’s a rhetorical question. What difference, at this point, does it make?

Daily Mail:

Monica Lewinsky begged in a letter to a top presidential adviser for a job at George magazine in the desperate hope of bedding John F. Kennedy Jr, it emerged today.

The former White House intern realized Bill Clinton was never going to leave Hillary so she turned her attention to JFK Jr – believing that if she could seduce the President of the United States, she could seduce anyone, reports claim…

The letter was found along with the raunchy sex tape which is said to record Lewinsky desperately trying to lure Clinton into meeting her. Both were believed to have been destroyed.

A Washington DC insider told the National Enquirer: ‘Once Monica realized that Bill was never going to leave Hillary, was never coming to her defense and would never speak with her again, she desperately tried to use her White House connection to go after John…’

Remember: Just because it’s in the Enquirer doesn’t necessarily mean it’s horsecrap. Just ask John Edwards. And they were right about that tape, although it had about as much news value as this: zero.

Whatever Monica Lewinsky did 15 years ago is far less interesting than why somebody wants us to know now. Who’s been holding onto this material for the last decade and a half? Why release it now? What purpose does it serve?

We may never know.