Why is Oprah supporting Cory Booker?

Folks, please follow me on this. As blacks are only 12% of the U.S. population, it is safe to say that white America has made Oprah a multi-millionaire. Oprah’s claim to fame has been her ability to transcend race, which by the way, use to draw much criticism from blacks who questioned her racial loyalties.

I can relate because the same rap has been made about me. There is an unspoken rule in the black community, I call it “The Black Code” — never side with a white person over a black person. Also, racial loyalty requires that you harbor at least a minimal resentment against whites and deal with them through an invisible wall of race. Thus, blacks look at you funny if you are “too comfortable around white people”.

Back in the 80s, I was a graphic designer at WJZ-TV in Baltimore. I worked with Oprah Winfrey before she became “Oprah Winfrey.” She co-hosted our local morning talk show, “People Are Talking.”

Upon her arrival as a reporter, word on the station grape vine was that a few of the on-air talent thought Oprah was an embarrassment, they said she was unattractive and “she can’t read.” I mention this not to embarrass Oprah but to show that she overcomes, and doesn’t allow others to define her.

In those days, blacks on TV seemed preoccupied with convincing white America that they were intelligent. Oprah was different. I admired Oprah’s freedom and ability to be herself on camera. Her compassion and genuineness struck a cord with viewers. So while the “smart” people said Oprah did not have the right stuff, the public loved her. I love that.

Fans expected and trusted Oprah to do what was best for all people. Many were extremely disappointed when Oprah, the Great Transcend-er, gifted Obama with her enormous influence solely because he was America’s first black presidential candidate.

If the best interest of “the people” is one’s goal, supporting Booker for Senate makes no sense. Therefore, I can only conclude that Oprah appears to have once again fallen a bit, defaulting back to race by endorsing Obama clone Cory Booker for U.S. Senate in New Jersey.

Under Mayor Booker, Newark’s debt has risen 57 percent. Booker raised resident’s taxes which are up 3 times the cost of living. Murder rates rose in 2011 and 2012. Carjackings have increased every year for the past 4 years. Newark is ranked by the FBI as the 20th most dangerous city in America. Unemployment nearly doubled since Booker took office.

Booker’s quest to be Obama junior has particularly negative consequences for blacks. Both Obama and Booker are pro-abortion. Black abortions so outnumber whites that researchers warn blacks are on the road to self-induced extinction. Booker supports Obamacare which kills jobs. Blacks are suffering the most in the economy of Booker’s mentor.