Weiner tries to charm female British reporter by mocking her accent [VIDEO]

Anthony Weiner used his charms on a British reporter on the campaign trail Thursday, mocking her accent and telling her it made it “hard to take you seriously.”

During a campaign stop in Harlem, Lucy Watson, a correspondent for the British Network ITV, got Weiner on camera and asked him about his decision to stay in the campaign in spite of the continuing revelations of his online sexual misdeeds that have kept his privates on display for most of the campaign.

“Is it ambition? Is it a hunger for the big job? The power?” Watson asked, in a video that she posted on her Twitter.

“It’s hard to take you seriously,” Weiner said, before answering the question. “No, it has to do with wanting to be mayor of the city of New York, and helping the middle class and those struggling to make it.”

But then Weiner continued, in a false, and not particularly accurate British accent, “The hunger for the big job,” he said, in a mocking tone.

“Would anything stop you?” Watson asked.

Weiner laughed in response, buckling over a bit.

“I just have a feeling I’ve like stepped into a Monty Python bit,” he replies. “I don’t know, would anything stop me? What, now, is a rock going to fall on my head? No, nothing’s gonna stop me. I’m gonna win this election.”

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