13 crackers we’d like to spread our cheese on [SLIDESHOW]

Here is a list of 13 crackers we’d sure love to spread our cheese on.

(h/t Adam Weinstein)


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  • There is nothing better than a Ritz and cheddar.
  • Carr's crackers are an excellent choice for fancy parties, on account of the expensive looking box.
  • Club crackers taste like butter, and are even better with cheese on top.
  • Triscuit is a very popular when paired with cheese.
  • Reduced fat Wheat Thins are excellent for the cholesterol-conscious.
  • Finally, there is Zesta, for people who can't afford Saltines.
  • They are pretzels -- in the shape of crackers!
  • Kashi crackers taste like cardboard until you spread some cheese on there.
  • Mary's are perfect if you are into overpriced, organic crackers.
  • It's a cheese cracker and a plain cracker all in one!
  • The classic Saltine is an excellent choice for any event.