You aren’t living in the lap of luxury until you’re riding on whale foreskin

You aren’t living in the lap of luxury until you are traveling through the streets in an armored SUV with a whale foreskin interior.

Kanye West reportedly spent $1.2 million on two Dartz Motorz Prombron Iron Diamonds armored SUVs so that nobody will be able to kidnap him, his Kim Kardashian or their daughter North, according to the Daily Star.

Pombron Iron Diamond

The Prombron Iron Diamonds are designed to “avoid kindnapping [sic], hijacking and other problems which can meet rich and lonley [sic] lady on the street,” according to the Dartz website.

Apparently, the rapper does not realize that NOBODY would ever want to kidnap him because of the insufferable drivel that the poor kidnappers would have to endure during his capture.

The car’s interior is made out of whale penis foreskin and is “built to withstand attacks from land mines and rocket-propelled grenades,” the Star reports.

Yeah, because those Calabasas, Calif. rocket-propelled grenade attacks are becoming a huge problem.

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