Casting the ‘Point Break’ remake [SLIDESHOW]

Back in 1991, would you have ever guessed that the director of “Point Break” would be a future double Academy Award nominee and onetime winner? The answer? OF COURSE.

“Point Break” is the best bad movie of all time, and the geniuses in Hollywood know this. Now, a remake of the classic surfer/ bank robber film is in the works.

Since there have been no casting decisions, we thought we would throw out the some suggestions/ demands for who should replace Keanu, Swayze, Busey, et al.

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  • "Hell On Wheels" star Anson Mount should replace the equally shaggy Patrick Swayze as the bank robbing ring-leader, Bodhi. (Photos: Getty/ Point Break)
  • Channing Tatum could successfully replace everyone's favorite nineties, monotone, lughead heartthrob Keanu Reeves as football star-turned-FBI agent Johnny Utah. (Photos: Point Break/ White House Down)
  • MSNBC's Chris Matthews is perhaps the only person in the world who can top Gary Busey's level of insanity, making him perfect for the role of doomed FBI agent Angelo Pappas. (Photos: Getty)
  • The asshole FBI boss Ben Harp was originally played by John C. McGinley (the "Scrubs" doctor, one of the Bobs in "Office Space"), but asshole Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel could do the part justice. (Photos: AP/ Getty)
  • JoBro Joe Jonas would be perfect for the role of Tyler Endicott, Johnny Utah's love interest. Sure, the role went to a female in the 1991 version, but this is 2013, okay? (Photo: Getty/ Point Break)
  • The young pop star punk Justin Bieber would be an excellent choice to replace nineties pop star punk, Anthony Kiedis, in the minor role as War Child, a drug-dealing surfer. (Photos: Instagram/ Point Break)

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