Here’s what you can’t have: Paulina Gretzky is engaged [SLIDESHOW]

The unfairly attractive daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky is officially off the market as of Sunday. Paulina Gretzky, notorious for her liberal use of Instagram, is engaged to her golfer boyfriend Dustin Johnson.

The 29-year-old golfer began dating Gretzky, 24, at the beginning of the year, reports CBS. While beautiful women marry athletes all the time, Gretzky is not only hockey royalty — thanks to her iconic dad — but she also makes sure that everyone is aware of just how attractive she is.

The favorite hobby of this “model” and “musician” seems to be taking pictures of herself in a bikini, not that she hears many complaints.

In honor of her upcoming nuptials, here are some highlights from her Instagram account, paired with some of her dad’s most impressive stats.

You can decide for yourself which of The Great One’s accomplishments is more impressive.

(All images from Paulina’s Instagram)

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  • He was ranked 5th in ESPN and AP's "Top 100 Athletes of the 20th century."
  • Wayne had the most points in one playoff year with 47 points in 1985.
  • Gretzky had the longest consecutive point-scoring streak with 51 games.
  • Gretzky scored a total of 894 regular season goals in his career tenure of 1,487 games.
  • Gretzky has a career high of +518 for a plus minus rating.
  • The Great One scored 168 points in the regular season during his first year playing to the LA Kings, followed by 22 points in the playoffs.
  • Gretzky had 31 assists during the 1988 playoffs for the Oilers.
  • Wayne was the final Olympic torchbearer in Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics.
  • Gretzky won gold at the Canada cup 1984, 1987 and 1991.
  • The White Tornado scored 47 points for the Oilers during the playoffs in 1985.
  • The Great One scored 92 goals scored during the 1981-82 season for the Edmonton Oilers.

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