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Wayne LaPierre: Canada’s roadmap for your rights

This scenario exactly mirrors what the IRS is subjectively doing to Americans seeking tax-exempt protection under the law. It could happen to us if we fail to stand and fight.

Lest any of your skeptical acquaintances think this intrusiveness is far-fetched, tell them about the inquisition of gun owners in Canada with its registration and licensing schemes demanding permanent photo-files sworn to by a person the government calls a “photo guarantor.”

Try this question from the Canadian firearm license applications: “During the past two (2) years have you experienced divorce, a separation, a breakdown of a significant relationship, job loss or bankruptcy?”

For starters, Canadian gun control bureaucrats require two references—citizens who know the prospective gun owner—who must swear that, “I know of no reason why, in the interest of safety of the applicant or any other person, the applicant should not be given a license to possess and acquire a firearm.” The government requires personal information on those references as well.

Canadian bureaucrats also require personal details about one’s “conjugal partner,” including “spouses and common law partners and all other persons with whom you live. …”

Why? So the government can seek their permission for you to acquire a gun. If you don’t get their approval, “the chief Firearms Officer has a duty to notify them of your application. …”

On the form, that threat is followed with a warning for your conjugal associates: “IF YOU HAVE SAFETY CONCERNS ABOUT THIS APPLICATION, PLEASE CALL 1 (800) XXX-XXXX.”

But there’s more—a demand for “INFORMATION ABOUT (A) FORMER CONJUGAL PARTNER.”

Got that?

So, if you break up with a girlfriend or boyfriend, or are separated or divorced, that person has a “veto” on your acquiring a firearm. It is mind-boggling. But in Canada it is reality.

Given the intensity of the IRS political inquisition against Americans wishing to organize to exercise their First Amendment rights, there can be little doubt that this is where the gun-ban crowd would take us as gun owners. The Canadian gun-owner licensing and registration systems provide roadmaps to the future unless we continue to stand and fight in the U.S. Congress and straight through the crucial 2014 elections to preserve freedom.