The anti-Clinton media: here we go again

Are we all going to go through this all over again — in a relived 1990s nightmare, when even great journalistic institutions such as the New York Times allow themselves to rely on anonymous sourcing and more innuendo than confirmed facts to go after the Clintons?

My gut tells me, just as in the 1990s a majority of the American people will see through this type of journalism, and won’t allow compulsive Clinton haters and innuendo journalism to change their favorable opinions of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Davis served as special counsel to former President Clinton and is principal in the Washington D.C. law firm of Lanny J. Davis & Associates, in which he specializes in crisis management. He is special counsel to Dilworth Paxson of Philadelphia and the author of a recently published book, Crisis Tales: Five Rules for Coping with Crises in Business, Politics, and Life.