10 potential career paths for Tim Tebow [SLIDESHOW]

New England Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick released his team’s final roster late last week, and quarterback Tim Tebow was notably absent from it.

While Belichick didn’t rule out re-signing Tebow in the future, it would be best for the 26-year-old former Heisman Trophy winner to start considering different career plans.

We know the job market’s tough out there, so we decided to throw Tebow a couple ideas to get the ball rolling.

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  • <b>Hitman</b>. In an attempt to shed his good-guy image, Tim could just start offing people for money. Hey, it worked for one former Patriot (cough, Aaron Hernandez, cough).
  • <b>Gym teacher</b>. Every day would be dodgeball day in Mr. Tebow's gym.
  • <b>Online poker player</b>. There's a lot of money to be made in online poker. Plus, it would give Tebow more time to mess around with his fantasy football lineup.
  • <b>Stand-up comedian</b>. Tim was always joking around. Remember that whole Tebowing thing? Hilarious!
  • <b>Mall cop</b>. When things went south on the field, Tebow always made sure his team stayed calm and focused. This skill would translate well to managing those Black Friday crowds.
  • <b>Paperboy</b>. His strong arm and good manners would make Timmy the best paperboy in the whole neighborhood.
  • <b>Stay-at-home dad</b>. Tebow would be the best dad since Alan Thicke in "Growing Pains."
  • <b>Bible salesman</b>. What better way to spread God's message than by going door-to-door selling Bibles?
  • <b>Chimney sweep</b>. Because there's nothing this country needs more than a good chimney sweep.
  • <b>Matador</b>. Dealing with all that pocket pressure would be great preparation for bullfighting. Plus, we're told that getting gored is pretty much like being sacked by Ray Lewis.

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