Correcting Congress’s Obamacare double standard

In response to the widespread dissatisfaction about exemptions for the well-connected, Americans for Prosperity launched a new campaign called Exempt Me Too. At JustExempt.me, people can sign an online petition that tells Congress that they want a waiver from the health care law, too. The response has been overwhelming — over 20,000 people have signed the petition in less than a week. They will be undoubtedly watching the roll call vote on the Vitter amendment this week, to see how their elected officials vote on the issue.

If people working in Capitol Hill are enrolling in the health insurance exchanges, then they need to follow the same rules as everyone else. A person’s health insurance should not be based on the strength of his or her political connections. Members of Congress should not get special protection from the harmful impacts of a law that is currently burdening the rest of the country. Instead of using unlawful executive overreach to provide relief for the politically well connected, the law must be repealed entirely.

Christine Harbin Hanson is the Federal Affairs Manager at Americans for Prosperity.