How would your NFL team’s logo look re-imagined?

Sarah Hofmann | Contributor

Some very talented artist took the time during the NFL off season to redesign the team logos of all 32 teams. The results for the most part are very impressive, but some are puzzling.

About half of the logos look almost identical to their current logos, albeit more muscular, but there were some significant changes made to the other half. The Daily Caller critiqued the logos that had the biggest changes made to them.

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Vastly improved:

Browns: Here, they actually get to have a mascot. Although to represent Cleveland fairly, they probably should stick to being a boring color.

Titans: We guess anything is better than just a “T,” and the knight is pretty cool.

Chiefs: The city initials with the streamlined arrow is a more elegant spin on the arrowhead concept.

Cowboys: The “maybe it’s John Wayne, maybe it’s J.R.” guy in the star adds intrigue. If only Tony Romo could be half as interesting as this logo.

Redskins: Although it hasn’t changed much, the fact that the Indian head forms an R for Redskin is a nice touch. Although the R could be for RG3 for that matter. Fans would probably prefer to just use a headshot of him in a Subway commercial for their logo anyways.

Vikings: The artist succeeded in making the Viking look pretty intimidating. He looks like someone that might get mixed up in a sex party on a boat.

Forty Niners: This is perfectly simple and the pick axes speak to the history of the name. Gold stars for this logo all around.



Bengals: The swirl at the end takes away from the tiger’s ferociousness. It looks like an apostrophe. Nobody is scared of being matched against the fighting contractions.

Steelers: The simplicity is nice, and reminiscent of iron bars, but it doesn’t seem to make much sense.

Chargers: Again with the apostrophe style. Also, the lightning bolt is a pretty strong symbol that a slightly feminine looking horse just can’t match up to.

Packers: I like the Wisconsin state outline, but the intertwined G and B end up looking like a Celtic knot. Put that together with the team’s green and gold colors and I’m going to start expecting Aaron Rodgers to river dance before every play.

Buccaneers: While, in all accounts this logo is objectively pretty awesome, it is just too reminiscent of the Pirates of the Caribbean Disney ride. However, if that would be some genius cross-promotional marketing between Tampa and Orlando, I’m a fan.

Seahawks- The artist managed to make the previously powerful bird look like a pigeon. The logo of the Seahawks is great because its style mirrors the art of Pacific Northwest tribes. This re-imagined logo looks like the Seattle weather has finally depressed the seahawk to the point he’s considering jumping off the space needle.

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