NRSC goes on the attack outside Landrieu fundraiser

Louisiana Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu has had to answer questions recently regarding her realtor husband’s dealings with Washington lobbyists, some of whom have business before Landrieu’s committees, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee does not want anyone to forget it.

Landrieu’s husband, Frank Snellings, brokered the deal to sell lobbyist Tony Podesta’s house earlier this year, first reported by the Washington Examiner. Snellings made a significant amount of money off the deal. Meanwhile, clients of Podesta’s firm had business in front of the Homeland Security Appropriations Committee, which Landrieu chairs.

The arrangement violates no Senate ethics rules.


On Thursday, Landrieu attended a fundraiser hosted by the Realtor’s PAC, and NRSC volunteers were outside, handing out flyers to remind people of Landrieu’s potential conflict of interest.

The flyers stick to the real estate theme, and say Landrieu’s vote has been “Sold,” asking, “Is Senator Landrieu representing Louisiana or her husband’s valuable clients?”

“It’s yet another desperate attempt to distract voters from [Republican Senate candidate Rep.] Bill Cassidy’s record of opposing the same exact healthcare reforms he introduced as state senator in 2007 before the president even took office, which paints the picture of a candidate more interested in pursuing higher office than fighting for Louisiana families,” said Andrew Zucker of the Campaign for Louisiana, a Louisiana Democratic Party project focusing on the 2014 elections.

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