It’s long past time we took care of the Ft. Hood victims

I know we have bigger fish to fry, but I just can’t let this go.

While I realize that we in the Tea Party and conservative movement have our hands full frantically defending ourselves against Obama using every governmental agency for his shock-and-awe attack on our freedoms, a not-so-sexy lower profile issue sticks in my craw.

Why are we not raising holy heck over the Obama administration, for political reasons, continuing their heartless refusal to award Ft Hood shooting victims and their families their rightful combat benefits?

For soccer moms, my brother who coaches little league, and other low-info voters, either not paying attention or preoccupied with surviving with Obama’s horrific economy, allow me to recap.

In 2009, Army Maj. Nidal Hasan went on a rampage at Ft Hood in Texas, leaving 13 dead and several injured. While shooting, Hasan yelled, “Allahu Akbar!”

Keep in mind, Obama had declared the war on terror over and that he had Al Qaeda on the run. So the Hasan Islamic racial jihadist attack was a fly in Obama’s ointment — bad press, contradicting his narrative.

Protecting Obama, his Department of Justice immediately classified the shooting “workplace violence” rather than terrorism.

The DOJ’s classification would not be a big deal except that it screws the victims of Hasan’s jihad out of eligibility for honors and combat benefits.

Now get this folks, while awaiting his trial, Hasan remained on the government’s payroll receiving $300,000. Meanwhile, twice victimized by Hasan and the administration, those wounded were up the creek without a paddle, left to fend for themselves, forced to pay their own medical bills out of pocket.

I thought the trial would expose to the world that the shooting was irrefutably a terrorist attack, and the DOJ will reclassify the shooting and the victims will get their rightfully deserved benefits. And while I was elated by the recent guilty verdict in the Hasan trail, that doesn’t seem to have happened — despite overwhelming evidence, the off-the-chain arrogant, evil, and cold-hearted Obama Administration still refuses to reclassify the shooting.