Chinese dude comes to USA, stalks girlfriend, stabs her in the nose with a fork

Eric Owens | Editor

A guy from China traveled to the United States and stalked his estranged girlfriend at the University of Texas at Austin. When he found her, he stabbed her in the nose with a fork.

The bizarre incident occurred on Wednesday at about 6 p.m. inside the Engineering-Science Building on the UT Austin campus, reports local NBC affiliate KXAN.

The unnamed victim is a student at the school. The alleged attacker, 22-year-old Chenxi Deng, is not.

According to an arrest affidavit, Deng told campus police officers that he had made his way to Austin to find the woman after he had a relationship with her in China. He spoke through a translator.

He claimed that they had met at a university in China before she traveled to Austin to enroll.

“They had studied similar classes for undergrad studies and so he had a good idea of what classes she was going to be taking,” campus police Sergeant Charles Bonnet told KXAN.

The woman confirmed to police that she knew Deng.

The arrest affidavit explains that Deng “audited” some classes on the sly at UT Austin that he thought the woman might be taking. Then, conveniently enough, he “happened to run into” her inside the Engineering-Science Building.

The reunion did not go well. Deng explained that the conversation became an argument. He also claimed that the unidentified student punched him upside the head.

Deng said he responded by pushing her. His next move was to stab her in the face with a fork.

It’s not clear why Deng would have been carrying the fork with him inside the Engineering-Science Building.

Witnesses said they heard the woman crying for help after the incident. Four people managed to capture Deng. They held him down until campus police arrived on the scene.

The woman was transported to St. David’s Medical Center.

Doctors said she suffered a number of scrapes and bruises.

“She did receive possibly a broken nose and did receive several puncture wounds from the fork to her face,” Bonnet told the NBC affiliate.

Deng has been charged with aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury, reports The Daily Texan. That’s a second-degree felony.

He remains in jail pending a $50,000 bond. When he gets out, he must stay a minimum of 200 yards away from the woman under an emergency restraining order.

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