Ron Paul weighs in on son’s possible presidential run [VIDEO]

Former Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul appeared on NBC’s “Tonight Show” on Thursday night and told host Jay Leno that he has never consulted with his son, Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, about him running for president in 2016.

LENO: Let’s talk about 2016. Will your son Rand — do you think he’ll run for president?
PAUL: I’ve never talked to him about it.
LENO: Whoa, whoa.
PAUL: No, it’s the truth.
LENO: “Dad, pass the potatoes.”
PAUL: I just talk to him about being a vice-presidential candidate. That’s all.
LENO: What advice would you give him?
PAUL: I would say be very cautious. You could get elected.
LENO: Yeah.
PAUL: That’s the risk in running for politics.

But it isn’t only 2016 that the two haven’t discussed. The elder Paul revealed that Rand never sought out his counsel when running for Senate in 2010, and that he was surprised by his success.

“I think, when he ran for the Senate, he sort of surprised me,” Paul said. “And he didn’t do it with any serious consultation with me. And I didn’t think he would do that well. He did exceptionally well. But, most of the grassroots organization came from tea party groups. That meant people sick and tired of both parties because they didn’t trust either party. And they were people who were sick and tired of big government spending and all the debt. So he went to those meetings, and then he also went to Republican meetings. He told me that the size of the nonpartisan groups — much, much bigger. Parties aren’t very popular these days.”

He also weighed in on one of Rand Paul’s Senate colleagues, Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, who had made headlines in recent days for his 21-hour Senate speech.

“I think he’s doing a good job,” Paul said. “You know, I don’t know enough about him to say well — you know — I think I endorse everything he stands for. I don’t think he’s been there long enough. So I have a few questions. But I think he has done a good job.”

When asked by Leno who would get the Republican nomination, Paul did hint at his son.

“Probably somebody who lives in Texas,” Paul replied. “I mean, used to live in Texas. Lives in Kentucky now. He’ll probably end up getting it. Who knows.”

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