Rare Fireball meteor sighting caught on camera

Josh Peterson | Tech Editor

A rare fireball meteor briefly lit up the night sky on Friday evening, sparking interest ranging from Canada to the Carolinas.

Around 11:30pm ET Friday, a rare fireball meteor briefly lit up the night sky in a flash.

As of 9:23pm ET,on Saturday 949 sightings of the fireball were reported to the American Meteor Society. Skywatchers ranging from in Canada and the United States reported seeing the event.

Angela McClain, the skywatcher who took the picture, told WTOV 9 that when the meteor streaked through the sky that everything “lit up.”

Fireball meteor. Spaceweather.com

“It seemed like a bolt of lightning,” said John Kaminski, another witness, “The flash of it was just amazing. As I looked in the sky, it was just this ball flying through the air with this huge tail.”

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