9 conservative pundits who could replace George Will on ABC’s ‘This Week’

7.) David Brooks

David Brooks

The New York Times columnist is a conservative that conservatives love to hate, perhaps because he has admitted he likes President Obama, particularly the creases in his pants. But like it or not, Brooks is smart and has interesting takes on the issues of the day. Remember, Bill Buckley was impressed enough with him to offer him a job and, according to one account, even consider him as his successor at the National Review. One could easily imagine Brooks as the conservative voice on “This Week,” even if it would drive the grassroots crazy.

8.) Mark LevinĀ 

Mark Levin

The radio talker would probably be the people’s choice — if you define the people as the conservative activist base. A favorite of the grassroots, Levin often rails against the so-called Republican establishment, which you suspect he disdains as much as liberals. He would make the “This Week” panel plenty entertaining, but probably less collegial. Can you imagine Levin and Paul Krugman, a regular panelist on ‘This Week,’ chatting amiably?

9.) Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris

Just because …

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