A girl worth fighting for: World War II hotties [SLIDESHOW]

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of national bounty might have motivated patriotic American men to storm Omaha Beach, scale Mt. Suribachi, and risk their lives and 95-year-old limbs to knock down the Park Service’s barricades, here are six reasons to fight. World War II’s most devastating bombshells.

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  • Hedy Lamarr-velous. Not only was she a beauty, she invented an early technique for spread spectrum communications and frequency hopping, necessary for wireless communication from the pre-computer age to the present day!  (Photo:Flickr)
  • "Yes Mommie Dearest." Before the tell-all book and movie, Crawford's ambition elevated her to stardom, and she was voted the tenth greatest female star in the history of American cinema by the AFI. (Photo:Flickr)
  • Ava "Hard"ner. Real name Gardner, this fiery beauty didn't really hit it big until after the war, when she became among other things the only woman ever to make a monkey out of Frank Sinatra. She's included here on grounds of general hotness.  (Photo:Flickr)
  • Lana Head Turner! Discovered at 16 by MGM, she went on to become the first Hollywood "scream queen". (Photo:Flickr)
  • Willing and Grable! Betty Grable was dubbed the number one pin up girl of the WWII era (Photo:Flickr)
  • Rita Heyyyworth. Ms. Hayworth got all the service branches to stand at attention in 1944's "Cover Girl," and catapulted to stardom after flipping her hair in the 1946 flick "Gilda".  (Photo:Flickr)