The VIPs of Sesame Street [SLIDESHOW]

It’s a hard truth that the monster puppets on Sesame Street have way more famous friends than any of us.

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  • Sarah Jessica Parker teaches kids the important things. (Screenshot)
  • Elvis Costello and Elmo sing about numbers and how to match your hat to your suit. (Screenshot)
  • Who among us has palled around with a Super Bowl MVP-winning quarterback like Drew Brees? (AP Photo/ Sesame Street, Jesse Grant)
  • Maya Angelou lays down some hard truth. (Screenshot)
  • John Cho appears on Sesame Street under extreme duress. (Screenshot)
  • Rachael Ray, understandably alarmed by dancing mutant tomato. (Screenshot)
  • A young Laurence Fishburne teaches those dirty monsters how to brush their teeth. (Screenshot)
  • Charlize Theron looks intimidating even with a fairy puppet standing beside her. (Screenshot)
  • Retired basketball star Kareem Abdul Jabbar hangs out with someone his own size. (Screenshot)
  • U is for Usher, kids. (Screenshot)