Tea party radiologist to primary Kansas Republican for Senate seat

President Barack Obama’s second cousin has confirmed to The Daily Caller that he will challenge Republican Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas in the 2014 primary.

Speculation that Dr. Milton Wolf, a diagnostic radiologist aligned with the tea party, would challenge the 77-year-old Roberts from the right has been rising in recent weeks, after Wolf sent emails to GOP activists inviting them to contact him. On Monday night, Wolf’s blog promised a major announcement Tuesday.

“I really am concerned about our country, the direction our country is going,” Wolf told The Daily Caller Monday. “The reality is that the career politicians of both parties have failed us. That much is clear and you look around and you think, ‘Somebody has gotta do something,’ and I keep looking for somebody to do something, and no one is. I realized at one point that I’m somebody. I gotta do something. If I want to call myself an American, if I want to think of myself as a patriot, I have to step up.”

Roberts is the longest-serving member of the Kansas delegation, with a congressional career that began in 1981 as representative for the First District of Kansas. He joined the Senate in 1997. Roberts has served on the House Committee for Agriculture and the Senate Select Committees for Ethics and also Intelligence.

Wolf argues that his tenure has become a liability.

“The reality is that whenever the Democrats have needed Republican votes to pass their agenda of growing government, they know that they have been able to count on Pat Roberts,” Wolf told TheDC. “Tax increases, debt ceiling increases, expanding government healthcare… There are some people in this world who are stuck playing checkers when everyone else has moved on to chess. America is in trouble; we have moved on to three-dimensional chess and we are still looking at somebody who is voting for tax increases , voting for debt ceiling increases, voting for increased food-stamp spending, for increased regulations. I don’t know that America can survive that much longer.”

The Shawnee-based physician stressed that he is motivated by his opposition to the Affordable Care Act and the Congress that allowed it to become law.

“My first goal is to save the Republican party from itself,” Wolf told TheDC. “My second goal is to save America from the Democrats. I love my party and have been loyal to it and it’s more difficult when my party is no longer to the ideals it proclaims… I oppose Obamacare not just because it is an economic disaster — it is an economic disaster — I oppose Obamacare because it is immoral. It is immoral for a government to get in between a doctor and a patient. It is immoral for a government to even know about a doctor-patient relationship. It is immoral for a government to decide who shall live and who shall die. And that’s what government health care does.”