Tom Steyer: The shady billionaire with millions of reasons to kill Keystone XL

In other words, Steyer will be sitting on a North American pipeline monopoly if Keystone is out of the picture.

Of course, Steyer is working hard to make his disgusting money grab look like genuine concern for the environment – and, even then, he stands to make millions.

Steyer’s anti-Keystone ads are rooted in unreasonable climate change hysteria. But fortunately he just happens to have a cure for climate change: Greener Capital, a venture capital firm Steyer funded with $15 million from his own pocket. Greener Capital profits from green energy handouts and tax credits – the same handouts and tax credits enacted by the progressive lawmakers who happily snatch up Steyer’s hefty campaign contributions.

Many people are beginning to tire of Steyer’s sleazy tactics. An ad produced by Steyer’s Pac, NextGen Climate Action, attacking the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline was so inaccurate and misguided that Washington, D.C’s. NBC affiliate banned the spot from its airwaves.

Days after the ad was banned, Steyer launched a Twitter account and took his pathetic smear campaign to social media. Besides Tweeting climate change hysteria, questionable science and hollow claims, he bragged that “35,000 emails have been sent to the Senate calling on them to stop Keystone.” That (unverified and possibly bogus) number amounts to an email from one in every 9,000 Americans. Compare that paltry figure with the Pew Research Center’s finding last month that 65 percent of Americans favor the construction of Keystone.

There is no question that by creating thousands of jobs, ushering a new era of American energy independence and offering a lower cost, environmentally responsible source for oil theKeystone XL pipeline would greatly benefit Americans – and there’s nothing that Tom Steyer’s money and lies can do to change that.

Now it is just a matter of whether the Obama Administration will allow the financial interest of one person to supersede what is best for the whole country.

Drew Johnson is a senior fellow at the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, a nonpartisan, nonprofit educational organization dedicated to a smaller, more responsible government.