BREAKING: McDonald’s employee doesn’t think she gets paid enough [VIDEO]

Jim Treacher | Blogger

In an unprecedented development, an employee of an American company thinks she should make more money. This is big news!

Couldn’t Fight for 15, the organization that made this video, just take the money they spent on those graphics and give it to her?

If you think this woman doesn’t make enough money, then you give her a job. You can pay her as much as you want, and you can both frolic in the sun on your unicorns, and everybody will be happy forever. Yay!

No? You’d rather just complain about how McDonald’s does business and how its executives comport themselves? You’d rather smugly tell yourself that things would be different if you ran such a big company? That’s fine too, I suppose.

Or you could do what I do: Don’t eat there.

(Hat tip: Gawker, where I’m sure everybody is simply thrilled with their workload and paycheck. And if not, undoubtedly they’d be comfortable confronting Nick Denton about it like this on-camera and then posting the agitprop on the Internet.)

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