‘Walking Dead’ season 4 preview: Who will get rid of the governor? [SLIDESHOW]

Season four of “The Walking Dead” starts this Sunday, and somehow the governor is still alive despite being the creepiest, most evil villain since “Toy Story 3’s” Lotso Huggin Bear.

Someone has to get rid of him this season, so who’s it going to be?

(Contains season three spoilers. Obviously.)

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  • Walkers. These are some advanced zombies. This one is wearing riot gear, people, the governor needs to watch himself. (screenshot)
  • Rick. As the unofficial leader, it's probably his job to take out the trash. Plus he's gone pretty crazy lately, it seems like something he could do. (screenshot)
  • Maggie. The governor tortured her and gave her boyfriend a serious beating. Seems like enough of a motive. (screenshot)
  • Michonne. She and the governor have unfinished business. Namely she stabbed his eye out with a piece of glass and he killed her BFF Andrea. (screenshot)
  • Daryl. The governor killed Daryl's brother, which makes for a good revenge story. Also, look at his arms. Just look at them. He could take someone out with those. (screenshot)
  • Glenn. The governor had Glenn and Maggie tortured, and Glenn doesn't seem too forgiving. Plus, he singlehandedly killed a zombie while he was tied to a chair--we should all be a little afraid of Glenn. (screenshot)
  • Carl. He may not have gone through puberty yet, but this is a dark little kid. He's pretty willing to shoot anyone. (screenshot)