What did Margaret Thatcher think of Barack Obama?

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What did former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher think of President Barack Obama before she passed away earlier this year?

According to former Thatcher aide Niles Gardiner and writer Stephen Thompson, authors of the recently released ”Margaret Thatcher on Leadership: Lessons for American Conservatives Today,” Thatcher was concerned about the direction America was heading in at the time of her death.

“Thatcher never commented publicly on President Obama’s leadership, though the Obama administration’s big government agenda undoubtedly runs counter to everything the Iron Lady believed in,” the authors told The Daily Caller. “Privately, she was concerned by the leftward direction the United States has been taking since 2009 and declining American leadership on the world stage.”

Read more of TheDC’s interview with the authors, in which they discuss Thatcher’s leadership lessons, what books influenced her worldview and much more.

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