Top 10: Strangest places to get married [SLIDESHOW]

Brides are constantly looking for the next big thing in wedding trends. From colored dresses and exotic flowers, wedding trends are constantly changing.

And then some couples abandon all sense of normalcy and skip the typical rustic barns, traditional cathedrals and exotic beaches in favor of more original wedding venues.

Check out 10 of the most offbeat wedding locations, from shark tanks to the garbage dump. These are definitely not the next big thing.

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  • Nine lucky couples were married at a Los Angeles 99 Cents Only store. To celebrate Sept. 9, 2009, the store picked 9 couples to say "I do" on aisle 9 surrounded by decorations from the store's inventory. (Photo via AP)
  • Voodoo Donut in Portland has wedding packages for the sugar obsessed couple. The donut shop offers donuts and cake for up to 40 people. (Photo via voodoodoughnut.com)
  • An Illinois couple tied the knot over burritos at their local Taco Bell. The employees were kind enough to decorate the chain with balloons, streamers and hot sauce packets. (Photo via Google Images)
  • Roadkill Raccoon and Reddish Raddish hosted a clown wedding complete with clown games and costumes. There was even a bike parade to celebrate the occasion. (Photo via Listverse.com)
  • If you're willing to stand on top of an airplane, you can get married in the clouds. This British couple stood on separate airplanes while the minister flew in front of them to express their soaring love. (Photo via Listverse.com)
  • Dave Hart wanted to marry his bride where they first met: the garbage dump. The bride wore a $7,000 dress, but chose to stand in front of a pile of garbage on her big day. (Photo via Listverse.com)
  • A Michigan "Maxxinista" had her wedding in her local T.J. Maxx because it is her "happy place." (Photo via AP)
  • A couple from Brussels took a leap of faith when they wed on a platform 50 feet in the air and then bungee jumped off the end of the aisle. (Photo via dailymail.com)
  • A British couple was married at a McDonald's because they are such big fans of the fast food chain. (Photo via nydailynews.com)
  • A couple took the plunge, literally, when they said their vows in a shark tank. The diving enthusiasts said "I do" while surrounded by sharks while their human guests watched the live stream from dry land. (Photo via odder.com)

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