Media ignores racial discrimination lawsuit against Washington Post

The mainstream media is ignoring news of a racial discrimination lawsuit brought against flagship liberal newspaper The Washington Post.

“In the 2009 to 2011 time frame, the Post terminated the employment of at least 18 African Americans over the age of 40, and at least one Caucasian female over the age of 40,” according to a pending race and age discrimination lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C.

Post advertising department employee David DeJesus, a black man, was fired in 2011 after 18 years of employment and replaced by a younger white man. DeJesus claims that his white boss Noelle Wainwright demeaned him and fired him in violation of the Post’s collective-bargaining agreement with the Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild, Local 32034.

The guild later got DeJesus his job back, but Dejesus is now suing for back pay and a correction of his employment record, citing a violation of the Civil Rights Act, among other violations.

“The Post’s willful mistreatment and termination of DeJesus, a 59-year old African American man with an exemplary 18-year employment record with the Post, was based in whole or in part on his age, race, skin color and/or national origin,” according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit, first highlighted by Daily Caller freelance writer Evan Gahr and reported on by Washington gossip site FishbowlDC, has failed to end up in the pages of America’s most prestigious liberal newspapers, which routinely accuse conservatives of engaging in racism.

Gahr says that media reporters for The Washington Post, Politico, The Huffington Post, The New York Times and Reuters ignored his requests for them to cover the story.

“My big question is why doesn’t WaPo invest in caller ID,” FishbowlDC editor Betsy Rothstein told The Daily Caller. “My inner 12-year-old cracks up every time Evan Gahr tricks another unsuspecting journalist over there into answering the phone and then berates him for not covering the suit. He even snagged Exec. Editor Marty Baron.”

New York Times managing editor Dean Baquet wrote in an email to Gahr that “no news organization in America would report on every discrimination lawsuit filed in every court in every medium-sized city.”

“They’re covering up the dismissal of a black employee by a white supervisor. This is not some kind of murky lawsuit, an arbitrator already ruled that the dismissal was unjustified,” Gahr said.

The Post routinely accuses others of racism and even influenced IRS agents to improperly target tea party groups with its unhinged coverage of the supposedly racist tea party movement.

“Does Obama know that he is being used by whites as proof that racism in America no longer exists,” went one January Post column. “Forget racial discrimination in the workplace; it can’t happen in the country that has a black president. Obama’s silence makes him complicit in this lie.”

Racial discrimination in the workplace does still exist in this country, according to DeJesus’ lawsuit.